"Justice Zebrowski is absolutely amazing. A pleasure to work with! We greatly value his insights, guidance, and recommendations."

"Finally, on a personal note, I have appeared before you in several mediations, as well as an arbitration. Although my client did not prevail in the arbitration, I have found you to be consistently personable, thoughtful, and well-reasoned. I look forward to working with you again toward a successful amicable resolution of this matter."



"He was very competent and helped us resolve the case. I enjoyed working with him."

​“Our neutral was excellent. The facility was excellent."

"Justice Zebrowski is a good listener with an excellent judicial demeanor who asks probing questions. And unlike many arbitrators, he is willing to make tough decisions. He’ll grant summary judgment motions in arbitration. He’ll grant motions in limine in arbitrations, where they involve complex issues. Many arbitrators are afraid to do that or won’t do it, but Justice Zebrowski will if you meet the requirements of the law, and he will follow the law to the letter."

​"Justice Zebrowski done it all, and I think he commands a great deal of respect with the clients, so when he provides an evaluation, people listen. There are some mediators who give me an evaluation, and it’s just one more opinion from another lawyer. But when Justice Zebrowski gives me an evaluation, I need to give it some weight."

"Justice Zebrowski is among one of the smartest judges I’ve ever worked with."

​"When I have potentially difficult appeals, and the clients are willing, I always recommend we try to engage Justice Zebrowski not only on the issues and the briefs and the arguments but also the oral argument. Particularly where you’ve got parties that think, ‘Oh well, if I lose at the trial level, I’ll just go up on appeal,’ he can really shed light on those issues. I just think it helps inject a dose of reality – one way or the other – for the litigants to understand the dynamics that occur at the trial court level and at the appellate court level."


Los Angeles Superior Court (Ret.) California Court of Appeal (Ret.)

Hon. John Zebrowski