Hon. John Zebrowski

Los Angeles Superior Court (Ret.) California Court of Appeal (Ret.)


Representative Cases​​

  • Class action alleging overcharging for water supply."

  • Disputes among governmental entities regarding application of 100 year old water allocation agreements. Contract issues, as affected by Constitutional and statutory law."

  • Charter school's claim to statutory entitlement to share of educational facilities greater than allotted by school district; issues of interpretation of statutes, construction of charter, breach of contract and torts, valuation, damages, remedies, etc.

  • Large attorney fee dispute arising out of marital dissolution.

  • Dispute between independent physician's association and medical laboratory testing company regarding obligation to pay for lab tests ordered by doctors.

  • Fee entitlement dispute arising out of consultation services relating to obtaining public funding for hospital operations.

  • Many legal malpractice cases, mostly in mediation, occasionally in arbitration.

  • Contract dispute regarding fuel pipeline easements running beneath railroad tracks.